Food and Amenities

Snack Bar

Snacks are available from the snack bar at the pool. These usually include soft drinks, bottled water, an assortment of chips, cookies, candy, ice cream bars and individual pizzas or other frozen items like sandwiches to be heated.

Glenwood does not have a full kitchen, but we do have a group of adult volunteers who have stepped up to organize the snack bar and keep the young members who work there — Glenwood members aged 11 and up — on the ball. The snack bar opens during the adult swim break when trained staff are available to operate it.

All prospective snack bar workers should read and sign the 2019 Glenwood Pool Snack Bar employee honor code and give it to our volunteer coordinators. If you have suggestions for the snack bar, please send a note to the managers at


Gas grills are available at the pool for members to use. We do our best to make sure the propane tanks stay full. If you think one of them is getting low, PLEASE leave a note with the manager on duty (yes, write it down).


Pizza or other food delivery is a great way to take a break for dinner. A list of local outlets that deliver to Glenwood frequently can be found at the front desk.

Food Trucks

Several times a season we invite local food trucks to set up outside the pool. This is a great way to get a delicious, cheap meal. What trucks we’ll have, and when, will be posted to the email list, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The current schedule is HERE.

Remember: No food is allowed on the pool deck and glass containers are strictly prohibited. There are several picnic tables by the snack bar and many table areas around the pool.