Food and Amenities

Updated June 2020: Due to public health concerns related to the Covid-19 pandemic, Glenwood will not operate the snack bar during this summer season. Grills are available for your use, but we ask that you bring your own utensils. The regular Friday food truck service for June and July is presently on hiatus; requests from food trucks to visit the pool will be decided and announced by the Board.

This year and every year: NO GLASS at Glenwood.


Gas grills are available at the pool for members to use; please bring your own grilling utensils. We do our best to make sure the propane tanks stay full. If you think one of them is getting low, PLEASE leave a note with the manager on duty (yes, write it down).


Pizza or other food delivery is a great way to take a break for dinner. A list of local outlets that deliver to Glenwood frequently can be found at the front desk.

Food Trucks

Several times a season we invite local food trucks to set up outside the pool. This is a great way to get a delicious, cheap meal. What trucks we’ll have, and when, will be posted to the email list, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Remember: No food is allowed on the pool deck and glass containers are strictly prohibited.