Private Lessons

Updated List of  Summer 2019 Lessons Providers will be posted June 27.

As a service to the membership, the board compiles a list of Glenwood staff who offer private lessons to pool members and their families.

The board does not endorse or prefer any particular individual. Staff were asked to confirm interest in being included on this web page and provide background and contact information. All are or have been lifeguard certified.

Note that each person’s previous instructional experience is summarized for your information; however, we encourage you to explore this in more detail. Regarding each instructor’s “preferred level to teach,” the categories can be understood as follows:

  • Pre-Beginner: helping swimmers become comfortable in the water, learning basic breathing and movement;
  • Beginner: helping swimmers develop basic breathing and freestyle stroke technique;
  • Advanced beginner: helping swimmers with breathing and stroke techniques in freestyle and backstroke;
  • Intermediate and beyond: helping swimmers with stroke technique (free, back, breast and/or fly) turns, starts to improve for competition or recreation.

Suggested Questions to Ask/Issues to Raise with the Instructor:

  • What ages have you worked with before?
  • If you are seeking lessons for a child with special needs, an older child or adult, make sure you clarify that with the instructor — some will be more comfortable than others.
  • What do you charge?
  • What is your availability? Remember that college-aged instructors start leaving town for school 1-3 weeks before the pool closes for the season.

Questions? Feedback? Contact Karen Clark at