Swim Lessons

gfx_lessonsupdated July 2017

Group Swim Lessons

Group lessons begin in June and run Monday through Friday at 11:30, 12:00, or 12:30. (Non-members are welcome, but we ask that they check out after their lessons, before 1:15pm)


Session 1 Group Lessons: Monday June 19-June 30. Screening & registration June 10-11, 12-2pm.

Session 2 Group Lessons: Monday July 3-July 14. Screening & registration June 24-25, 12-2pm. **There will be NO lessons on Tuesday, July 4th.**

Session 3 Group Lessons: July 17-July 28. Screening & registration July 8-9, 1-3pm.

**Note: The deadline for registering for Session 3 Group Lessons is Wednesday, July 12th at 1 pm.**

We offer five levels of lessons:

  • Pre-beginners – typically 3-5 year olds, uncomfortable with the water and likely no previous formal lesson instruction.
  • Beginner 1 – usually 4-6 year olds comfortable with the water, but not as confident in their strokes.
  • Beginner 2 – tends to be 5-8 year olds focused on becoming competent in freestyle and possibly backstroke.
  • Beginner 3 – typically 6-9 year olds who have knowledge of freestyle and backstroke and will work to refine those strokes, and possibly learn breaststroke.
  • Advanced Beginner – usually kids 6 years old and up refining their freestyle and backstroke, and just learning butterfly and breaststroke.

Your child will be assigned a level at the registration/screening.

Cost: $60 for members, $75 for non-members per session, please bring a check to the registration.

For more information, stop by the pool and speak with the lessons coordinators, Sean Hennigan and/or Emily Mayfield, or send an e-mail to lessons@glenwoodpool.org.