UPDATED June 2020

This year’s Covid-19 pandemic continues to generate uncertainty and confusion around Glenwood’s operations summer. The Glenwood Board of Directors has been sensitive to the reality that, in addition to having heightened health concerns, many in our community confront or anticipate sudden and drastic financial hardship. We have worked hard to approach our financial stewardship responsibilities mindful of not only Glenwood’s needs, but our community’s as well.

On April 26th, the Board sent an email communication to explain our approach to membership dues in 2020. To recap, member households were asked pay $250 for the summer to cover 75% of the fixed costs the club  incurs regardless whether the pool could open this summer. The remaining 25% of fixed costs are covered by a portion of the club’s capital improvement reserve fund. 

Payment of the fixed cost obligation secures that household’s membership at Glenwood through the 2020 summer. Failure to pay your $250 obligation by June 15 without contacting the membership director will put your membership at risk of cancellation.

In compliance with county regulations and guidelines issued the week of June 15, Glenwood has revised its operating schedule and procedures and will begin incurring variable costs and expenses on June 22.  Admission to Glenwood this summer is subject to payment of both the $250 fixed costs obligation AND remaining household dues, prorated according to household size and the revised operating schedule.

Payment notices will be sent to billing account contacts of all active member accounts.  The table below indicates the prorated dues totals, per family size, payable by July 8, 2020.

Household Size: Dues (after $250 fixed cost payment)
Individual $126
Couple $253
Three person $364
Four person $437
Five person $484
Over Five $484 plus $21 for each additional person

Notice of payment for remaining dues will go out the week of June 22, along with instructions for navigating our new membership management platform. Payment is due July 8.

At this time we are suspending action on current waitlist applications for membership to Glenwood. We have not yet determined whether to extend August-only memberships for families currently on the waitlist this year. Waitlist applications are still being accepted here.

Contact Membership Director Kathleen Enright at membership@glenwoodpool.org for questions regarding your invoice or membership status.

If you have questions regarding access to your membership account, please remember to use your household’s billing contact email address and password to log in. If you still have log in problems, contact webmaster@glenwoodpool.org.