Terrific Turnout for Pool Clean-Up Last Weekend — THANKS!

Many, many thanks to the members who came out last weekend to help get Glenwood ready for her Summer 2011 debut.  With some chainsaw chicanery, wheelbarrow wonder and an awesome army of volunteers, the fallen trees, brush and debris collected from the grounds and parking lots filled TWO long dumpsters.  And then there were the “regular” clean-up chores…
Please join us in thanking the wonderful crew of helpers whose names we were able to record and/or reconstruct on the sign-in sheet: Ella and Howard Iams, Jack Niemczuk, Chris Anderson, Len Rickman, Carey and Erin Nuttal, Andrew McKenna, Steve Blackistone, Leo Schwartz, Tim McCafferey, Michael Simpson, Doug Smith, Ricky Albores, Kevin and Shannon Garvey, James Mayfield, and ten of our eleven pool board members. And the kid contingent was well-represented, too, by Ryan Niemczuk, Ari Rickman, Jackson Coyne, Lauren and Sean McCafferey, Luke and Nick Simpson, Zora, Izzy and Sammie Hermans, Brendan Coyne, Franklin Morgan, Gabe Schrier, Ryan Rippetoe, Gail Anderson, Tess Mayfield, and Conor and Brendan Hearn. Assistant Managers Seth Weil and Sean Hennigan ably kept folks on task. If I missed anyone, please email me at karen@glenwoodpool.org and we’ll add your name to the list. Thank you all so much!

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