Membership Benefits

Glenwood members enjoy a friendly, family-style atmosphere at the pool. Besides having a place to cool off and relax during the hot, humid Washington summer days, you and your family will have many opportunities to make new friends, strengthen swimming skills, and participate in other club sponsored activities.

Unfortunately Glenwood is at capacity. The waiting list currently has over 250 families on it. It may take several years to be accepted as a member.

Memberships are offered in the order of the waiting list without exception. There are NO exceptions to processing membership on the waiting list, regardless of any representations by realtors, home owners/sellers, pool neighbors, etc.

Online Application

If you would still like to apply for membership, click here or visit the “Join the Waiting List” page on the “Membership” menu, above. If you have questions or need more information about membership please email

Guest Passes

Members may purchase guest passes for use at the pool either online, through your account at “”, or at the pool. Passes are $6 per person for the day. Guest must be accompanied by their sponsoring member.

You can use a credit card online or at the pool. We accept checks at the pool.

Guest passes are stored in your “” account. You do not need paper booklets or other physical “tickets”. Bring your guests to the pool — they must accompany you — and the front desk will check them in. Guest passes do not expire.

We request that you bring no more than 3 guests with you on any given day, and that a single individual be a guest no more than 5 times per season.

If you need more information after browsing our web site, please send us an e-mail at .

See all the ways you can keep up with what is going on at the pool by clicking HERE.

HERE is the current schedule of dues.

There is a non-refundable initiation fee of $600.00.

The initiation fee can be paid in one or two payments over a period of two years.

We accept personal checks and the following major credit cards, Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

GRC Privacy Policy

Glenwood Recreation Club, Inc., will not share, distribute, or sell your personal information to outside organizations. We take every measure to ensure that all credit card information and other personal data are kept with the highest standards of safety, security, and confidentiality.